Blood Frenzy

Live footage of the MSM reporting on Trump:screamingmin.gif

I’ve always wondered if/when the MSM would tire itself out from it’s daily outrage machine. How many times a day can they stare down an unprecedented (since yesterday) global catastrophe? It’s gotta be exhausting. I figured Trump would basically wait them out and eventually the MSM would return to mundane reporting.

It actually seemed like the MSM had eased up a bit, briefly gloating about healthcare, then turning to mild accusations of genocide-by-Trumpcare, and then genuinely distracted by humdrum ransomware.

And then Comey. Comey. RUSSIA. Comey. RUSSIA. RUSSIA. Comey. Comey. The guy they loved, then hated, and then still hated, but would have preferred better timing. CONSTITUTIONAL CRISIS!!!!

When they said Trump would release the animal spirits, I’m not sure this is what they meant. The Comey firing was like blood in the water for dormant sharks.

So let’s review:

Scandal #1: Trump fired Comey to obstruct justice.

Alternative Hypothesis: There is no justice to obstruct. Trump did not fire Comey to stop an investigation because he doesn’t care about the investigation in the slightest. That’s not surprising because Trump knows there is nothing to investigate, which is also why every investigation has come up with absolutely nothing. Yes, it behooves junior staffers to believe that their work is of grave importance and the forces of evil have conspired to stop you, but there’s a tendency to overrate one’s stature in the big scheme of things. Sometimes you’re just collateral damage because you don’t matter enough to be the primary target. It’s a tough pill to swallow, but I’ve witnessed this phenomenon firsthand.

Trump fired Comey because he’s president and gets to appoint the head of the FBI. Trump fired Comey because Comey is not Trump’s guy, cannot control leaks in his department, and arguably bungled the non-scandal emailgate. For all the fevered headlines and leaks, there continues to be zero evidence of anything untoward with Russia . . . just a lot of fevered headlines and leaks. Inserting the adjective “shady” or “shadowy” before “ties” does not make them so. Drawing lots of confusing circles and arrows similarly does not constitute evidence. But if you’re starting assumption is that something shady happened with Russia, then every bit of circumstantial evidence gets a negative inference and becomes additional evidence to validate the original (baseless) assumption that something shady happened with Russia. It’s conspiracy all the way down.

Scandal #2: Trump leaked sensitive Israeli intel to the Russians putting the fate of the universe at risk.

Alternative Hypothesis: Trump dropped a tidbit of intel in a totally routine and unremarkable way.

The MSM is already convinced that Trump perpetrated some grievous injury without knowing what the intel was, whether Russia already knew it, how frequently such sharing occurs, whether Israel cares or whether the source is actually at risk. I mean, if it’s so friggen sensitive, then why is this anonymous source running straight to the press? “Ohmigosh! Trump just told the biggest secret to the Russians. Can you believe it?! If anyone finds out, literally millions of people will die. You won’t tell anyone, right?”

It’s straight out of Mean Girls.

Even Dennis Kucinich, playing the token opposition voice of reason, has weighed in against the MSM and these brave anonymous sources, as reported by none other than Breitbart:

Kucinich went on to say that he had read the Washington Post story very carefully and, based on his 16 years of experience in the U.S. Congress, “tracking all these things that are said about foreign policy,” that “there’s a high BS quotient going on right here.”

He added that the “meter should be going off all over town” and redirected attention to troubling leaks from the intelligence community. He said questions need to be asked about why and who within the intelligence community is leaking this information, “we don’t need to look to Russia for any affirmation here.” Kucinich went on:

Ya know we don’t need to look to Russia for any affirmation here. We need to ask questions about why is this intelligence community trying to upend the President of the United States with these leaks? Here’s the Washington Post story (holds up physical copy of the newspaper) I mean its, and all over town people are saying the President did this and that — look, I disagree with President Trump on a number of issues, but on this one, there can only be one President and somebody in the intelligence community is trying to upend this President in order to pursue a policy direction that puts us in conflict with Russia. The question is why? and who? and we need to find out.

Seriously, what’s worse? Trump “leaking” intelligence at his presidential prerogative with our sorta ally with whom we share much intelligence, or some “white house official” leaking the substance of private meeting between the president and our sorta ally with whom we share much intelligence? At least you have to think about it, right?

Trump did bad stuff with the Russians to erode our democracy.

Like what?

He leaked sensitive emails.

How do you know?

It was leaked by an anonymous inside source.

But experts like James Clapper, happy to be in the news for something other than alleged perjury, have decided (after perusing the Post article) that Trump is a certifiable threat to our national security and no one will share intelligence with us again. OK then kids, just remember to finish your homework and no cookies after 9pm.

Scandal #3: Trump expressed his “hope that [Comey] can let this [Flynn investigation] go” which is also obstruction of justice.

Alternative Hypothesis: Trump expressed his “hope that [Comey] can let this [Flynn investigation] go” because he felt that Flynn was a good guy getting a raw deal being raked over the coals by a paranoid, bloodthirsty and foaming-at-the-mouth press who had gone through the paces of an investigation that turned up absolutely nothing.

Again, to believe that there is anything nefarious about asking Comey to end the Flynn investigation, you have to believe that there is something to the Flynn investigation. If it’s just nonsense, then hoping that nonsense goes away is pretty reasonable.

To be clear, I don’t feel terribly sorry for Trump. He certainly peddled in a non-scandal or two in his day. The point is that peddling in non-scandals is obviously not disqualifying behavior, despite the MSM’s insistence to the contrary. In general, the MSM (and its feverish readers) have zero credibility to criticize anyone for fear-mongering, conspiracy peddling, fake news, bias, hypocrisy, partisanship, obstructionism, lying or undermining democratic processes or institutions.

There is no daylight between the MSM and the Democratic Party. If the political narrative is that Trump is an incompetent, intemperate buffoon who puts his own personal interests ahead of the country such that he will steal the presidency by colluding with our (new) arch-nemesis Russia (and otherwise fumble it away), then that’s the news narrative. That will be the interpretive framework by which all data are collected and analyzed and the feedback loop will be complete. It doesn’t matter that the MSM has been wrong about every one of its fevered predictions about Trump because its fevered predictions are themselves the “facts” that support the inference in favor of more fevered predictions.

There is no other way to explain the levels of cognitive dissonance that permit intelligent and sane people to celebrate bureaucratic mutiny, chant “not our president,” openly #resist and undermine the president at every turn, fulminate over a stolen presidency and count down the days to impeachment all because Trump is the one threatening to undermine our democratic institutions.


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