Small Update on Cost Disease

ZeroHedge rants eloquently about the “criminalization” of healthcare practice and the accompanying administrative overruns:

Screenshot 2017-02-21 at 11.40.12 AM.png That’s a scary looking chart. It’s what happens when various and uncoordinated government agencies run around putting out each others’ fires (and blame everyone but themselves).

Again, if one part of the government does everything in its power to “protect” patients from doctors, it’s going to make the practice of medicine considerably more expensive. That increases pressure on insurance companies to ration coverage and encourages consolidation (and reduces competition).

More rationing and less competition is an invitation to another part of the government to claim “market failure” and demand even more subsidies and oversight.

More subsidies, rationing and oversight is an invitation to even more consumer and taxpayer “protection” and around and around they go . . .


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